Liquid Stainless Steel and much more…


Long Term Asset Protection

Burke Industrial Coatings help your assets stand up to corrosion and chemical damage, extending their usable lifespans and saving money that would be spent on replacement.

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Why Pay the High Cost of Stainless Steel Metal?

We can save you a barrel of money with Burke water borne “Liquid Stainless Steel”.  A tried and proven paint for the most severe service applications using 100% pure 316L stainless steel metal flake as the pigment.

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Burke Silver Bullet Antimicrobial Coatings

Antimicrobial Protection

Get a stainless metallic finish with a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent that makes the surface of the coating effective against over 650 strains of bacteria as well as mold, mildew and algae.

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Satisfied Burke Clients

Burke Industrial Coatings Solution Finder

Why Choose Burke Coatings

  • Designed and Manufactured in the United States
  • Our high performance epoxy coatings have increased chemical resistance
  • Low VOC/very low odor for most of our products
  • All Burke products are FDA and USDA approved for incidental contact
  • With 44 years of experience in water base technology, we are one of the most experienced water base coating companies in the world