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USDA & FDA Accepted Coatings

Food Processor? Need a waterborne low VOC coating designed for unmatched chemical, abrasion, and impact resistance? Burke Industrial Coatings are engineered for long term asset protection in level 5 corrosivity environments. Burke’s Liquid Stainless Steel Coatings are USDA & FDA accepted and are designed to withstand high pressure chemical wash-down food processing applications.

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Burke Industrial Coatings is a global supplier of corrosion prevention & protection stainless steel coatings. Burke’s liquid stainless steel and non stainless coatings lines are specified globally by industry leaders in food processing, OEMs, and healthcare. Our Global expertise and knowledge ensure specific coatings solutions for our international partners.


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Anti-microbial Protection

Silverbullet AM Series Epoxy is a unique anti-microbial coating that is effective against 650 types of bacteria including mold, mildew, and algae.  This fast dry waterborne low VOC formula attacks bacteria at the molecular level to stop reproduction, metabolism, and breakdown structure.  Silverbullet AM Series Epoxy provides unmatched impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance with continual silver ion activation for a minimum of 5 years anti-microbial performance.  Silverbullet AM is the perfect coating for Food Processing/Storage, Healthcare, Hospitality, and OEMs.  Available in Stainless 316, White, Black, Clear, and almost any color.

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Why Choose Burke Coatings

  • Designed and Manufactured in the United States
  • Our high performance epoxy coatings have increased chemical resistance
  • Low VOC/very low odor for most of our products
  • All Burke products are FDA and USDA approved for incidental contact
  • With 44 years of experience in water base technology, we are one of the most experienced water base coating companies in the world