About Burke Industrial Coatings Manufacturer and Our History

Since our founding in 1948, Burke Industrial Coatings has specialized in engineered coatings systems to solve an as-yet unsolved problem. Most of our technology has been centered around water based, high performance coatings, utilizing 316L grade stainless steel flake embedded in the coating to provide unsurpassed performance in demanding environments.

One such project used our water based acrylic stainless steel paint on Bonneville Lock and Dam, the first dam on the Columbia River, upstream from the Pacific Ocean. All of the metal on and around the Dam was painted in 1973, and 39 years later, it still looks as good today as it did in 1973.

Today, Burke Industrial Coatings still concentrates its efforts on earth friendly technologies of water based paints and powder coatings and we sell them to OEM customers around the world. Our water based epoxy coatings have no equal in terms of overall performance in harsh environments.

Based on that epoxy technology, Our Silver Bullet AM antimicrobial coating has found favor in numerous industries, with food and beverage production, HVAC, travel and medical being just a few of the areas where Silver Bullet AM has become the coating of choice when bacteria is a problem.

We appreciate your interest in our products and pledge, as we always have, that we will do everything possible to help you solve your paint problems, and do so in a manner that is employee safe with earth friendly technology.

What Makes Burke Industrial Coatings Different?

Burke Industrial Coatings concentrates its efforts on earth-friendly products that utilize 316L stainless steel flakes embedded within the engineered coating system. Our philosophy has allowed us to provide real solutions with unsurpassed performance, in demanding environments.