Commercial Grade Metal Paints and Coating Products

Long Lasting Acrylic Metal Paint for Commercial Use

Commercial Metal Paints and Coatings

Burke Industrial Coatings has taken the confusion and guesswork out of topcoat selection.  Yes, you can handle any one of your tough maintenance or OEM coating problems by selecting one of our topcoats.  Their ultra-high performance characteristics, as well as their wide range of performance parameters, make your selection process simple.   Our topcoats use only the very best non-metallic pigments in order to offer you a complete spectrum of non-metallic colors. Use on properly prepared and primed metal, masonry or wood surfaces in outdoor or indoor environments.  May be applied by brush, roller or air atomized and airless spray. Don’t confuse these products with ordinary maintenance, or OEM paints.  If you are looking for your best coating value, select Burke Industrial Coatings commercial metal paints.

Commercial Grade Acrylic Metal Paint Coating

High-Performance Commercial Grade Epoxy Metal Paint Coating

Burke Industrial Coatings high-performance epoxy paint coatings are a tough, durable resin system that protects equipment and surfaces in extremely corrosive environments. The unique formula developed by Burke is superior to other products on the market because it is cured with a more effective set of organic compounds. The results are a sophisticated epoxy paint coatings system, available in clear and pigmented finishes including Alloy 316 Liquid Stainless Steel, that can stand up to everything from salt water to harsh chemical solvents and cleaners.

Differences in Chemistry
The difference is in the chemistry. Burke improved the formula for conventional epoxy paint coatings by combining a water-based epoxy paint with a special curing agent that creates a denser, tighter polymer film increasing chemical resistance. Conventional epoxy paint coatings have a cross-linked chemical structure you can compare to the wire mesh of a screen door: The strands are hooked together, but there are many holes between the molecules. Burke high-performance epoxy coatings are more like a dense fabric, they have a tighter weave and the spaces between the molecules are much smaller.