Metal Primers and Rust Converting Products

Ready to use metal primers

Epoxy Metal Primers for Commercial use on OEM Manufacturing metal surfaces

Metal Primer Coatings

Burke Industrial Coatings metal primer coatings are formulated to prime steel, aluminum, and galvanized steel and to provide added protection from corrosion and chemical attack in harsh environments.  Our industrial grade primers contain pacifiers and rust inhibitors that stop premature degradation in its tracks and contribute to a longer service life of metal for manufacturing and maintenance operations. With superior adhesion properties, our primers prevent chipping, cracking and peeling to promote optimal performance. Fast drying with low VOC’s and low odors, our primers are well suited for plant maintenance, OEM operations, or any fast-paced industrial environment – interior or exterior.

Burke primers may be top-coated with a multitude of industrial coatings, and when combined with any of our high-performance stainless steel or non-metallic topcoats,  provide a complete system of products.

Ready to Use Metal Primers

Our ready to use metal primers are single component, fast drying, low VOC and extremely resistant to temperature and corrosion.  With unique ability to adhere to surfaces with slight contamination of oils and greases, and meeting USDA standards for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants, they are an ideal primer for application in food processing, automotive and transportation.

Epoxy Metal Primers

Two-component, water-based, rust inhibitive.  Easy to apply and low odor, low VOC and HAPS free.  Provides excellent corrosion and water resistance.  USDA accepted.  Ideal for plant maintenance and OEM applications.