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Liquid Stainless Steel Coatings and Paint for Metal and Concrete

Stainless Steel Looking Spray Paint for Metal Surfaces

Durable Stainless Steel Looking paint that is antimicrobial for coating products where antibacterial conditions apply

Burke Industrial Coatings continues to develop stainless steel finish coatings that provide our customers with environmentally safe and friendly systems that work in the most extreme corrosive and wash down applications in and on every conceivable type of equipment and facility.

Liquid Stainless Steel Coatings and Paint for Metal and Concrete

Burke Industrial Coatings is proud to manufacture its exclusive line of ultra-high performance, water-based, liquid stainless steel coatings for metal, wood, and concrete.  Our stainless steel finishes utilize Alloy 316 stainless steel flake for its unique performance properties including outstanding corrosion resistance and maximum long-term durability even under extreme exposures.

Since liquid stainless steel is essentially inert, it prevents the migration of moisture, oxygen, and chemicals and provides resistance to general weather, coastal environments, chemical fumes, spillage, and abrasion – far exceeding that of any other industrial coating.  In addition, our liquid stainless steel coatings provide U.V. resistance that is superior to any standard coating on the market.

Each liquid stainless steel coating can be used as a direct to metal finish on galvanized steel, tin, aluminum, and concrete.  Our stainless steel coatings can also be used as a top coat over primed steel surfaces and most previously painted surfaces.

The benefits of liquid stainless steel:

-Rapid dry paint and ship the same day
-Primers and Topcoats, at 70°F, tack-free in 10-20 minutes, recoat in 60 minutes.
-Applies with existing spray equipment
-Direct to metal in some applications
-Low VOC/very low odor
-Water clean up
-Worker safe
-HAPS free

Corrosion and weather resistance superior to any other coating system
No primer needed over galvanized metal or zinc coatings
Dry heat resistance to 400° F./205° C
Used as a primer or intermediate coat, they increase the finish coats longevity through the better heat dissipation
Covers surface irregularities better than conventional coatings
Can be used as a D.T.M. finish (where applicable)
Non-flammable, low VOC
Lowers clean up and disposal costs

It just makes sense to select liquid stainless steel coatings that provide the lowest cost per square foot, per year of protection.

Aerosol Stainless Steel Spray Paint

Burke Industrial Coating’s VOC compliant stainless steel spray paint aerosols offer the same level of protection and long-term benefits of our liquid stainless steel systems, but with the added versatility, convenience and cost-effectiveness that only aerosol can provide.

Pigmented with 100% 316L grade stainless steel, they can be applied to properly prepared, new or unpainted galvanized metal, aluminum, tin, mild steel, or masonry surfaces. Our aerosol coatings can even be used for touch up on our standard stainless coatings.

Because of their uniquely self-contained delivery system, ease of application and disposal, and incredibly fast dry times, our aerosol coatings have proven invaluable for countless OEM manufacturers and maintenance professionals who require flawless results without delay.

Custom Powder Coatings

Burke Industrial Coatings is the foremost supplier of ultra high-performance powder coatings filled with 316L grade stainless steel flake. We combine that stainless flake with the finest Epoxy and Polyester resins available to provide our customer with the ultimate in powder coating technology. Pick any one of our fine powder coatings and increase the life of your coating system three to five times.

Powder coating benefits:

-Superior chemical and corrosion resistance
-Long-term durability in extreme environments
-Zero VOC’s
-Exceptional abrasion performance
-Brilliant metallic finish

Powder Coat Products

Burke Coating Before Stainless Steel Paint
Burke Coating After Stainless Steel Paint